ALSHIFA 100% Pure Honey, Since 1983!




ALSHIFA was founded in 1983. Our production facility is in Saudi Arabia. We source honey from around the world, Europe, South America, Asia to name a few and process and pack in our state-of-the-art US FDA certified production facility in Saudi Arabia.
ALSHIFA means healing and cure.
Honey is used by many as a sweetener in warm water, tea, or coffee. Honey may boost energy, improve digestion and metabolism, act as a natural cough suppressant, and honey also has many medicinal benefits.
ALSHIFA honey is 100% natural honey, 100% pure honey, non-GMO, free from pesticides, and does not contain antibiotics. It’s a 40-year-old brand and started in 1983. You can find ALSHIFA honey in more than 40 countries. ALSHIFA is among the top ten honey brands in the world.
We have Organic honey, Natural honey, Black Forest honey, Acacia honey, Sidr honey, Ginger in pure honey, Royal Jelly in honey, Manuka honey MGO 100+, Manuka honey MGO 250+. ALSHIFA honey is available in different pack sizes in glass jar that include 1 oz (30 gm), 4.4 oz (125 gm), 8.8 oz (250 gm), 17.64 oz (500 gm), 35.27 oz (1,000 gm), (3,000 gm). You can make these part of gift baskets, hotels and resorts menu, or sale at pharmacies & drug stores, bakeries, grocery stores and supermarkets, etc.
ALSHIFA honey is available in the US and Canada. We have local distributors located across the US and Canada servicing the ethnic, ecommerce and mainstream segment.
You can find ALSHIFA Honey in selected locations of HomeGoods in the US and at Walmart Canada, Loblaws, No Frills, Fortinos, Real Canadian SuperStore, Sobeys, Chalo FreshCo, Food Basics, Adonis.
ALSHIFA has exhibited in Summer fancy Foods Show, Gulfood, SIAL, ANUGA, etc. ALSHIFA is a leading and one of the major exhibitors every year at Gulfood in Dubai.
ALSHIFA honey is certified from SASO and other international certifications such as Halal, ISO 22000, ECAS, DAS, ISO 9001:2015, MODON, SASO, FSSC 22000 etc.
Our honey is 100% natural, and it is free from pesticides and antibiotics, but it is not certified organic by USDA. However, we also have certified organic honey from Mexico which we are planning to launch soon in the US and Canada.
ALSHIFA is 100% natural and 100% pure honey.
We test our honey, and it is free from pesticides.
ALSHIFA honey is 100 % natural and 100% pure. We make sure and test that our honey is not adulterated. There is absolutely NO foreign sugar added in ALSHIFA honey.
It is not safe to feed honey to children under 1 year old.
Natural honey may crystallize. There is nothing wrong with it. You can bring it back to liquid state by placing it in warm water and stir occasionally until it returns to its normal state.
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ALSHIFA honey is US Grade A honey. US Grade A is the quality of extracted honey that meets the applicable requirements of Table IV or V, and has a minimum total score of 90 points.

Note: The claims on this website are not evaluated or verified by US FDA or Canadian CFIA.