ALSHIFA 100% Pure Honey, Since 1983!



About Us

About Us

Al Shifa is a symbol of credibility and is characterized by purity and quality.

About Us

Who We Are ?

Al Shifa Honey is a brand under the Sunbulah Group that has been producing 100% pure and natural honey for the past 39 years.Al Shifa ranked among the top ten honey brands globally,Al Shifa is the leading brand in Saudi Arabia, GCC, and the MiddleEast, Al Shifa Honey’s presence in more than Forty countries across five continents to become an undisputed market leader by providing high-quality products,Al Shifa honey is collected from the finest forest around the world and the best sources of honey in the most distinguished regions.Al Shifa Honey ensures that it providing to its consumers the maximum care for honey during the process of filtering and fillingin a healthy and scientific way to guarantee that honey is 100% pure and natural, therefore Al Shifa honey quality is a toppriority.

About Us

Al Shifa honey is the proud recipient of the quality mark by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) since 1991; there are a number of certifications obtained by Al Shifa honey to guarantee the quality; Food safety Certificates – FSSC/ISO 22000, Halal, UAE quality mark (ECAS), etc.

Our Mission

Al Shifa has implemented several global regulations; Saudi Food and Drug Authority, GCC Standardization Organization, U.S. Food & Drug Administration, European Food Safety Authority, and Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Our Values

Al-Shifa has not been satisfied with this success and has continued to put product quality and customer satisfaction at the top of its priorities.